About Stone Pavers

Stone Pavers are leading manufacturers of schist and stone paving, supplying pavers for commercial and residential areas around New Zealand for patios, footpaths, stepping stones, swimming pools, outdoor steps and BBQ areas. Exposed aggregate with a difference! Pavers are also available in a contemporary terrazzo finish.

Operating in the heart of Central Otago, Stone Pavers source stones from the area, and from around the South Island. Our concrete pavers are made of natural stone with no dyes, hence no fading with the sun. This also means if a paving area is extended at a later date they match with the existing area. The process employed in the making of the pavers produces a unique finish with a full and even coverage of stone. Additionally the paving molds used are professionally designed to precise measurements making the pavers a dream to lay.

Stone Pavers take great pride in producing a premium product and our pavers come with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. They can be returned to base for a full refund or swap if unsatisfied with any of our products.

We also supply loose stones and schist sourced from throughout the South Island for use for your landscaping project.
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