Technical Information

Pavers Strength Test

Our concrete pavers exceed the minimum AS/NZS 4456.5 standard for strength for pedestrain use of 5 kN, with an average mean Breaking Load of 10.49 kN and a Mean Modulus of Rupture of 6.7MPa on testing.

Slip Resistance

Values abour 40 are deemed acceptable for outdoor paving, our pavers when tested using the Wet Pendulum Test under the AS/NZS 4586:2004 standard ranged between 61 and 68 with no significant difference between the terrazzo and exposed finish.

How to lay pavers

Pavers are crafted to precise measurements giving ease of laying and a highy professional finish. The 500 x 500 mm pavers have a 2mm taper and when butted together this gives a 4 mm gap between pavers. The 460 by 460 mm pavers have a 5mm taper which gives a 10mm gap between pavers.

Paving can be either laid with a grout or a fine sand between the joints.


Our paving is designed as module sets, with the 500 x 500 mm pavers fitting in with the 500 x 250 mm and 250 x 250 mm pavers. This cuts down on the amount of cutting needed in tight areas and also allows for staggered patterns. The circle paver has four border pavers which fit around it and can be used in the centre of the paved area, or the circle removed and a wine barrel or plant inserted in the centre to break up a paving area. The border pavers have been designed to fit a wine barrel so the barrel sits down below the pavers to prevent staining from the soil in the barrel.

Pavers are available in a range of sizes which fit together as modules

First module set:

  • 500 x 500 x 50 mm
  • 500 x 500 x 50 mm border paver
  • 500 x 250 x 50 mm
  • 250 x 250 x 50 mm
Second module set:
  • 460 x 460 x 50 mm
  • 460 x 460 x 50 mm border paver
  • 460 x 230 x 50 mm
  • 600mm circle paver that fits inside four border pavers in either module

We also have two step sizes available which can be integrated with the pavers If the colour or style you are looking for is not on our website we may still be able to make it for you. You supply your own stone and if it is suitable we will custom design your pavers so you have your own unique product. Visit us and you will be amazed at the selection and in fact, you may find it hard to take your pick! Below are photos of our main lines, however be aware that photos do not do these justice as they do not portray the 3-D effect. They need to be seen to really appreciate the quality.

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